Workers Comp carriers are going direct to the consumer

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Berkshire Hathaway filed for a direct workers compensation program in 2016 in California. In 2017, we have three more carriers who are also filing direct programs. According to our own internal research, Berkshire wrote over $20 Million in premiums in their first year of operations. Likely most of those were smaller accounts and it is unclear how many business owners will choose to do business directly with insurance companies, bypassing the traditional brokerage channel.

What is clear is that this is a trend that will continue. With additional players entering the marketplace and offering services directly to the consumer, it is crucial that brokers are able to offer services that enhance the customer experience.

One of the most difficult and time consuming parts of the sales process is comparing the options from multiple companies that offer workers compensation policies. If the accounts are smaller in size, its almost uneconomic to even attempt for most insurance brokers. At we have built a solution to this problem that lets brokers zero in on the most competitive market in SECONDS, not hours or even weeks. To learn more about how we are enabling brokers to compete at speeds never before available, please visit our website at

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