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Work Comp Leads

Work Comp insurance is a great niche.  It’s a specialized line and not every agent can write this risk.  Prospecting for new business is can be tough, with tons of information needed just to get started. Until now...

If you want to write more Work Comp policies, you have come to the right place!

NinjaRater gives you new business to write + accurate competitive quotes to close your deal. Call your prospects with ready competitive quotes from NinjaRater that suits them best.

We exist to make your life easier.  We have several datasets built into NinjaRater, which include the entire CSLB (Contractors License Board) dataset, the entire ExMod database from the WCIRB, and several other lists of various SIC codes.

1. Choose by County and/or by Lead Classification.
2. Download the info into CSV or file of your choice
3. Enjoy our Work Comp Leads Platform to Streamline Your Revenue.

Return on Investment

It’s no secret. WorkComp Contractor insurance premiums are large. If you add up the monthly cost of NinjaRater for an entire year, a single account may very well cover your costs.  When you combine large premiums with pre-quoted and screened leads you get a game changing ROI. Some of our agencies have hired more producers and expanded into other states as a result of our platform.

- Leads are included in your NinjaRater Subscription!
- No Minimums. No Commitments. No Gotchas.
- Pre-screened and pre-quoted so that you don't waste time.

NinjaRater WorkComp Insurance Leads That Convert

Don't waste time chasing leads that have no chance of converting.  If you run your prospect through NinjaRater first you will know whether or not you can move them in the marketplace or that a BOR is your only chance to win.

Don't buy leads from lead vendors.  Build your own lists and filter them by opportunity.

Problems with buying leads include, but are not limited to:

- A huge number of agents competing for the same lead. Sometimes 5-8 or more!
- Incentivized leads. People that make quote requests because they might win a prize.
- Fake leads. Some insurance lead companies rely on 3rd parties for traffic and this can sometimes lead to fake quote requests.

Our Contractor Leads are not sold:

- We give you the entire database at your fingertips

- You can pre-screen and pre-rate any business that exist

- We have the entire ExMod database at your disposal


This approach keeps the waters clean and our agents’ closing ratios high.  NinjaRater is for people who want to work hard and sell new business.  You could use this information to find out what other brokers will be selling to your renewal book.  If you're one of those agents who is camping out on his/her book, you will certainly not want to get broadsided by a NinjaRater user.

It’s not hard to write over a million per year in premium just from us when you fill your pipeline with our WorkComp insurance leads. We welcome you to give us a try. There are no commitments and no contracts to lock you in either. You’ll stay with us for one reason….it works!

Need more info? Please contact us for any questions you may have.