NinjaRater – F A Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions on what NinjaRater is or what it does?  we'll try to tackle the most common questions here.  Contact us directly if you still have questions, or EVEN BETTER, you can sign up for free - no payment required!  You can use our full-featured Work Comp Comparative Rater for FREE with No Credit Card - unlimited FOREVER!

Does NinjaRater cost me anything?

Ninja Rater is FREE! You can run as many Work Comp Quotes as you like.  You may choose to subscribe to access our Unlimited Prospecting & Business Data depending on what features you need.  We try to keep our prices reasonable so that everyone can afford it with or without company sponsorship.

How do you generate quotes, is it just the filed base rates?

No, we rebuilt all of the filed logic, territory modifiers, and programmed discounts to make NinjaRater mimic actual carrier submission with the least amount of information possible.  To be clear THE QUOTES GENERATED BY NINJA RATER ARE ESTIMATES and are NOT BINDABLE.  We specifically did it this way so that we would not have to sacrifice speed and ask you 1,000 binary questions just to get an estimate of the pricing.

How accurate is NinjaRater?

Deadly Accurate.  We spent considerable time testing and retesting our manufactured rate process to get it as close to the carrier website as possible.  In most cases, its spot on.  In others, we tried to get it within 3-5% of what the carrier would come back with if you spent the time or had access to use every carrier website.  The point of these estimates is to give you a good idea where to start and which carriers are the best to approach.

How fast is NinjaRater?

Lightning Fast.  We can't afford to waste time asking superfluous questions and asking for unnecessary information any longer.  We need to get pricing information in seconds, not minutes.  We thought it better to provide answers that are very close in seconds, versus perfectly accurate but take 15 minutes per website, per 25 carriers.  It's impossible to get this information any faster than NinjaRater.

Can I bind coverage in NinjaRater?

No.  NinjaRater is not an MGA.  We simply provide you the rating and market acceptability information you need in seconds so that you can place the business where it needs to go.  If you need help finding markets, check out our blog where we aggregate that information and make it highly searchable to save you time.  Contact us if you still can't find access to a market and we will direct you based on our experience.

Do I have to have a carrier appointment to get a quote?

No.  That's the most frustrating part about being a small retailer.  With NinjaRater, you can rate EVER SINGLE large work comp carrier (and most of the smaller ones) without having to have a carrier appointment or company login.  Even if you have no interest in selling for a particular carrier, it is very helpful to see all of the pricing for all of the major companies, if for no other reason than to see who your competition will be on the account.  Don't fall victim to the old idea that nothing has changed since your last renewal.  You would be surprised how many changes come through 1-2 times per year.