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Program Business

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Lets highlight all of the most popular workers comp programs for the most needed class codes and lets publish this information in a highly searchable format that is also peer-reviewed by brokers that actually use the market.  What do you think, would that save you some time?

One of the worst things we do in our beloved insurance industry is hide useful information.  Presently, the services that try to accomplish this for us either don't make it searchable, allow marketing reps to write the ads, or don't allow users to help them update the content based on real feedback.

We would like to change that.  There is no reason why we can't make finding a workers comp program administrator a simple process.  Please post up your favorite and most used program and check back frequently for some of ours.  Not only will we make it highly searchable and shareable, your comments and experience will be an invaluable part of our commentary.

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